Back Pain Relief 4 Life

Back Pain Relief 4 Life Review – Do Ina Hart’s Techniques Work?

With more and more people doing desk jobs and moving in a car the much needed mobility gets reduced drastically. This leads to problems like back pain and other such problems that are a direct consequence of lack of mobility and exercises.

In fact, some studies have shown that almost 78% of the people suffer from some type of back pain sometime during their lives.

There are many reasons a person develops back pain like – lack of exercise, obesity, injury, aging, spinal stenosis, chronic arthritis, pregnancy and many others.

If you are one of those who is suffering from chronic back pain then there is some good news for you. Ian Hart, a certified Injury expert has an eBook called Back Pain Relief 4 Life that provides you step by step instructions to get rid of back pain.

It seems the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program can help you to get relief from back pain caused due to strain, disc herniation, spinal stenosis, sprains, bulges, spondylolysis etc.

Because this program can help a lot of chronic back pain sufferers, we decided to do a review of this product and share the details.

What Is Unique About Back Pain Relief 4 Life?

The most unique aspect of this program is the fact that you can customize the treatment plan according to the type of back pain you have and the severity of your condition. This means you will be having a different treatment and exercise plan based on your unique requirements rather than following a generic one size fits all type of program.

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The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program helps you in strengthening, aligning and rebalancing the muscles by making use of 8 movements that are known to correct muscle imbalances in the body that often leads to pain in the back.

According to Ian Hart you will start to feel the difference in your condition immediately after doing your first session. You may see improved joint comfort & flexibility, better strength & energy, reduced stiffness & soreness, better libido & sexual functioning, better sleep and pain reduction in your back, knees, hips, legs etc.

It seems this treatment plan can be done from any place, it could be your home or office or even a park. All you require is 20 minutes of your time to complete one session.

What’s Is Included In The Product Package?

  • The main part of the program is a 28 minute video that gives you all the details of the 8 movements.
  • You will also get diagram to follow in an easy travel pamphlet format so that you can print it and carry it where ever you go.
  • Additional information about back pain relief is provided in 6 part relief for life instructional videos.
  • To get the best out of this program you will receive 9 compact coaching videos that provide more tips and ideas.
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To make this package irresistible Ian Hart is offering the following bonuses:

  • Advanced relief 4 life flexibility video
  • The advanced core strengthening program
  • Exclusive interview with Dr. Stuart McGill who is a world renowned back pain specialist.
  • The top 10 daily movements that damage your back
  • Mobility 4 life – Warm up mobility videos.
  • The big book of home remedies – these are remedies for ache, pain, itching, stomach ache etc.


  • It’s an easy to follow program that provides you all the movements in HD videos. You can watch and implement the steps.
  • Once you follow this program then you don’t have to visit your doctor, chiropractor or the medical stores.
  • You will not have to take any medicines, drugs or therapies after you follow this program.
  • The treatment plan and exercises work for all types of back pain and even severe cases. Even if other remedies have failed to provide relief in the past, you can be sure that this program will work.
  • Since the product is backed by 60 day money back guarantee you can try it without any risk.


  • This is not an instant solution for back pain problem. You will have to patiently perform the special movements to get relief.
  • Let’s be clear that you will need to put in the effort with complete determination in order to see any results.
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Back Pain Relief 4 Life Review Conclusions

Based on our research and after reading some of the testimonials it appears that Ian Hart has put together a program that provide valuable information for treating back pain naturally at home.

Results will depend on factors like type of back pain, severity of the problem, age, overall health etc .

Best way to find out if this program will work for you is to try it out.