After Care for Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a delicate and complex surgical procedure. The aim of this procedure is to regain the lost looks be re growing hair at the places where hair loss has occurred. After the transplant a hair care routine needs to be followed which will ensure the long term success of the procedure.

Medication is prescribed by the surgeon and do and don’ts of hair care are also advised by the surgeon which needs to be followed religiously to ensure that procedure of the transplant remains a successful one for some time to come.

The area of transplant will have scar which need to heal hence after hair transplant hard combing of the area of transplant should not be done. Even combing should be done with utmost care so as not to harm the grafts and cause permanent damage to the follicle.

After Care for Hair Transplant

Those who had been using hairpiece it is advisable not to use the same for some weeks till the incisions made while planting the grafts have healed. Generally a transplant is followed pain and swelling around eye brows for which prescribed medication should be taken.

Shampooing is necessary and not as myth suggests that after Hair transplant shampooing should not be done slot online. Surgeons insists that the area of transplant be shampooed daily to keep the are clean since this will prevent the area getting infected and also ensure quick healing of the scar.

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While shampooing care should be taken not scrub the scalp hard and the shampoo should be rinsed with gentle pouring of water rather than washing under the shower. Many surgeons prescribe ointments to be applied some may ask to leave the area as it is. Those who are trying to hide the fact that they hair transplant can change hair style as if they are growing longer hair and while cutting care should be exercised.