Laser Hair Removal - Temporary Side Effects

Laser Hair Removal – Temporary Side Effects

There are various temporary side effects that can occur instantly after the treatment with laser hair removal. These temporary effects disappear eventually with time and some effects may take few days to weeks to recover. Some of the common temporary side effects faced after the treatment with Laser include the following.

Swelling – It is a normal to have swelling in the treated area. The swelling may prove to be uncomfortable depending on the area being treated. One should get rid of these problems by using topical treatments as recommended by your practitioner.

Pain – Laser hair removal is a bit painful procedure but it is also the least painful as compared with other treatment options like waxing or shaving. Patient may feel pain both during the process and after the procedure Joker. The pain experienced during the treatment is alleviated by using a local anaesthetic as recommended by the practitioner. This pain can be relieved by using the prescribed pain relief medication.

Laser Hair Removal - Temporary Side Effects

Hyperpigmentation – It refers to the development of the dark spots on and around the treated areas. This side effect takes considerable time for getting treated.

Blistering – Once the treatment is over, patient may develop blisters on the skin. These blisters are painful and may be temporarily embarrassing. It occurs due to the usage of higher influence laser particularly in case of dark skin. These blisters can be treated by using the tissue cooling via a cryogen spray or contact chill tip.

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Redness – the redness is another common side effect being observed in the patients in the affected region. However, it is not so serious and can be easily treated. If it is on your face then it may be case feeling uncomfortable. One can use the topical treatment in the affected region as prescribed by the physician.