Feast Your Fat Away

Feast Your Fat Away Review – Does Nate Miyaki’s Program Work?

Feast Your Fat Away is a new weight loss guide introduced by Nate Miyaki. According to this guide you can feast on delicious foods that you love and still shed the unwanted pounds.

Nate Miyaki is a well know nutrition and fitness expert who has been featured in a number of publications like T-Nation, Men’s Health, and Muscle and Fitness.

Nate says that there are several great diet plans on the marketplace like fasting diets, fitness diets, caveman diets, commercial weight loss diets and more but none of them provide everything you need to shed the extra pounds and keep it off.

According to Nate Miyaki it is possible to build the body of your dreams without eating small meals, without going to bed starving and without taking weight loss pills by simply following the steps outlined in Feast Your Fat Away.

Further, Nake claims that Feast Your Fat Away is an extremely flexible and practical diet plan that can followed even if you have a crazy schedule. And you can lose weight without visiting the gym or purchasing expensive exercise equipment.

These are tall claims and that’s why I decided to purchase a copy of Nate Miyaki‘s eBook and provide you my thoughts and impressions about it.

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What’s Unique About Feast Your Fat Away?

The most unique and unconventional part of this diet program is that it tells you to eat your biggest meal at night. The logic behind this is that eating the biggest meal at night gives you the psychological satisfaction thus making it easy for you to eat smaller and lighter meals during the day.

By eating smaller meals during the day you will be able to focus properly and maintain the alertness that is required during the work hours.

Not only will you be alert during the day but also maintain high energy levels throughout the day.

And by eating well before going to bed you will get a good night’s sleep and the body will be able to repair the damaged tissues and build muscles during this time. Also it seems eating at night helps you lose more fat.

Another important aspect about this program is that it allows you to customize the program based on your specific needs. When it comes to weight loss, every person’s body and needs are different and the customization allows you to build and follow a plan that suits your body the best.

The book provides 15 easy to follow lessons that are designed to provide all the information for your individual needs.

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What Do You Get When You Purchase This Product?

  • Feast your Fat Away eBook come with 15 easy to follow lessons along with food charts, micro-nutrient tables, unlimited access to a comprehensive food database, customizable fat loss or muscle gain templates, troubleshooting tips and more
  • Quick Start Guide
  • A handy checklist of things to do
  • A body composition and goal-setting sheet
  • Easy to use shopping guide

What Are Some Of The Positives Of This Program?

  • The book provides customizable eating plans thus allowing you to pick the plan that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences. You’ll have your biggest starchy carbs meal at night and still burn off more fat.
  • You don’t have to give up ice cream, pizza, French fries, or other foods that you like because you get one cheat day per week when you can eat anything you like. Most importantly you don’t have to starve to lose weight.
  • You can lose weight without going to the gym or using home exercise equipment. And if you are already exercising then the book provides you the steps to get maximum results with your exercises.
  • You can even eat at restaurants and still lose weight by just following some guidelines when eating out.
  • The program allows you to party and socialize by having an occasional cocktail or glass of beer or wine.
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Will Feast your Fat Away Work For You?

This book provides you a simple to follow plan for losing weight. However it cannot do any magic for you.

So be prepared to implement the steps in the book if you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape.

This diet plan allows you to eat your favorite foods and even the starchy carbs which in itself should be encouragement for you to get started. You can try the product risk free for 60 days by clicking the link below.