Stylish Items Worth Completely Obsessing Over

Stylish Items Worth Completely Obsessing Over

I’ve been beyond excited to share with you my latest discoveries, but with The Bachelor finale, a new season of Rachel Zoe, and New Girl back in full swing. You can forgive a girl for being a little bit distracted. Right? Needless to say, I’ve gotten myself back on track and even consciously made the decision to avoid the premiere of Dancing With The Stars. Okay…. so I forgot to DVR it, but I did miss it which can only mean that I’m off to bigger and better non sparkly things. That is if you can consider my poor judgement in tv shows. As for my latest discoveries, some I literally stumbled upon, others landed in my inbox, and all were welcomed by that little inner voice otherwise known as a shopping addiction. At this point, it’s only appropriate that I share what’s been occupying my mind for some time now!

And the first obsession goes to… a coffee mug. This might not come as a surprise for those of you who know me. One thing that I will say, is if this isn’t a mug shot I don’t know what is. Well, actually I do, but it normally involves a celebrity with red hair and not a pretty little latte with a foam swirl. That being said, this mug is totally worth the $12 on Nomorerack. It’s simply picture perfect. I know. I know, but couldn’t help the pun.

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I let out a loud squeal when I found out about this next collaboration. On June 30th, Target and Feed Projects are collaborating to FEED kids in America. Each item you buy lets you know how many meals will now be provided thanks to you. Looks like I have a date on June 30th.

To mark my territory in Detroit, it was only appropriate that I find the best mall to shop around. Turns out I found more than I had budgeted for thanks to Aritzia. Not only have I added this store to my mental list of favorite places, but they also carry a brand that I believe every girl has a right to know about. It’s called Wilfred. You don’t have to believe everything I say, in fact, it’s probably best you don’t. However, when I discuss t-shirts I mean business. Believe me when I say that these Wilfred t-shirts may be the softest, most comfortable, stylish shirts I’ve ever felt. If you’re looking for something that isn’t going to shrink after one wash and can be as comfy as your old tee you can’t seem to let go. I’d click on the photo below.

By now I shouldn’t have to preface this with the fact that I am a huge fan of TOMS. It should probably be expected. So when I found out they had released a new line of styles. I may have dropped a hint or two or three at my unsuspecting husband. But seriously, look at that shoe. It has a periodic table! What TOMS nerd couldn’t geek out over it!

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My Pinterest account has been off the charts lately thanks to this little guy below. I’ve gotten multiple requests asking where YOU could find this cover up. The J. Crew Cover Up  is unfortunately SOLD OUT due to popular demand. J. Crew did, however, leave a phone number to contact them with requests. I suggest letting them know this one is worth restocking!