Take My Word (4 New Fashion Trends)

Take My Word (4 New Fashion Trends)

I may not be able to do accounting or perform surgery. And I’m not even going to pretend that I’d have the patience to teach. But what I can do is give you insights into fashion trends before any one else may be able to. Call it useless and for 95% of the time you’re likely right in this assumption but that other 5%, the 5% when you’re searching for what to wear or what to buy. Well that my friend is my prime time. The time in which I eerily get a sixth sense about what is going to be a hit this year. So it only feels right to impart my ‘fashion’ wisdom on at least those who turn to this fashion blog. Just call me the doctor of clothes, or don’t because that sounds really terrible! Moving on.

1. Yellow Blazer (Jacket)

Call me crazy but if you don’t have a yellow blazer it’s time to get one. I can feel it in my bones and my bones are telling me that yellow is bound to be hot this year. If you want to get slightly ahead of the curve go on and purchase yourself a yellow blazer so you can sport it before anyone else does… Well, almost anyone.

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2. Matte Nails

I’m slightly obsessed with this trend. You can either ask for this look at your next manicure or buy a bottle yourself! Completely worth the $5.

3. Turban Time

So this trend is not for your every day girl, but I couldn’t resist adding it to the list. Wrap it up if you’re up for a little more than just your average trend.

4. High-Waisted Jeans

They’ve officially made their comeback and I have to say I’m in full support. If you’re feeling the hipster vibe, give them a shot. If you’ve held onto them since 1989 it might just might be time to reconsider. Stick to dark washes or black for a more flattering look. All that said, let’s look for high-waisted skinnies and keep the mom jeans from making their rounds.

Now you may impart your fashion wisdom onto someone else.