Prasouda Diet – The Mediterranean

Prasouda Diet – The Mediterranean

The Prasouda diet is not just any ordinary diet plan. It does not only focus on foods alone but it will teach you a new way of healthy lifestyle. This diet plan from the Mediterranean will show you the way to live a longer, healthier and sexier you.

Principles of Prasouda Diet

The basic principles of prasouda diet are based on the Mediterranean. Some of the basic principles may include are:

  • Foods included the diet plan are fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.
  • Remove all unhealthy fats in your menu, replace them with healthier options like olive oils and canola.
  • Salt intake should be reduced because salt causes the body to have water retention and it may elevate your blood pressure. Reducing your salt intake will dramatically lessen the body water in your system. Instead of using salt, it is better if you used spices and herbs to flavor the food.
  • Red meat is discouraged in prasouda diet. The allowable consumption for red meat is just few servings. It will be even better if you can drop all kinds of red meat altogether. Instead of red meat, you can eat for lean meats, fish and poultry.
  • Alcohol intake is not recommended especially the beer and white wines. If you cannot avoid alcohol, it is better if you drink red wine.
  • Exercise is required in prasouda diet. Biking, running or simply walking is encouraged. There is no specific diet plan that will be enough to make you lose extra pounds. The best way to lose weight is to exercise and a healthy diet plan.
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Generally, Prasouda diet is ideal for women and men who had added pounds over the years. Gaining weight is avoidable for some people since they became comfortable and complacent with their lives that they unable to see that their hips, arms and tummies gets bigger due to added pounds.

Benefits of Prasouda Diet

Some benefits of Prasouda diet may include:

  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Toxins are removed in the system
  • Benefits of cardiovascular disease are reduced
  • Body looses unhealthy fats
  • Will have healthier and sexier body

Unlike other weight loss fads, losing weight through prasouda will last longer since, it does not only teach you to cut your carbs but to make a healthy lifestyle as well.

Foods for Prasouda diet

Foods for prasouda diet will be divided into:

  • Sixty percent of vegetables and fruits
  • Twenty percent fish and meat
  • Ten percent fats
  • Ten percent natural carbs

At first glance, prasouda can be a strict diet that is hard to follow however, it is easier to follow unlike other diet plans. The big difference between the prasouda diet and the western diet is the foods that are usually included in the western diet are full of sugar and overly processed. However, in prasouda you do not necessarily have to avoid your favorites all together. You just have to learn to replace the unhealthy ones with healthier options. This means that you can still enjoy your pasta, meat and even alcohol but just learn to discard the unhealthy ingredients and replace them with healthier alternatives.

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