Deadlift Dynamite

Deadlift Dynamite Review – Does Andy Bolton’s Program Work?

If you are looking to get bigger and stronger using strength training then Deadlift Dynamite by Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline is an e-book that may provide some great tips and techniques to achieve your goals faster.

According to Andy and Pavel Deadlift Dynamite focuses heavily on deadlift, but also provides great deal of information on squat and bench press.

And it seems the book has comprehensive information on strength training for beginners, intermediates and advanced lifters. To find out more details about Deadlift Dynamite Program we did our independent research and are presenting a detailed review of this product here.

What’s special About Deadlift Dynamite?

According to Andy Bolton there are several books and videos on strength training but none of them provide a complete program for building a person into a more powerful and explosive lifter or athlete. It seems the information provided in Andy Bolton’s book goes far beyond deadlift, allowing you to build muscle mass and bullet-proof yourself against injury.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Andy Bolton is considered the king of Deadlift worldwide and Pavel Tsatsouline is an internationally renowned strength coach.

What will you find inside Deadlift Dynamite Book?

  • If you are just starting with strength training then you will learn how to deadlift, squat and bench properly. By following the steps you will gain strength and add muscle mass without hurting your lower back.
  • The sections on bench pressing, squatting and nutrition provide some extremely useful information for every type of lifter.
  • Experienced deadlifters will discover new techniques and cues to take their deadlift to the next level. Testimonials from several expert deadlifters have confirmed this aspect.
  • There are some excellent tips on support exercises, stretches, warm-ups, programming, wide bench, wall squat, crush grip etc.
  • The core work section also provides some old school boxing abdominal exercises like Medicine ball throws. In fact there are many things that you may have never thought about.
  • The section on mindset provides some very helpful information on how to develop desire, heart etc if you are deadlifting.
  • In the Deadlift Dynamite program you will also find pieces of information from some top professors, strongest athletes and expert coaches in the world.
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Deadlift Dynamite Review – Pros

  • The book is written in an easy to understand format with plenty of illustrations, tips and best practices.
  • Book provides step by step information for all levels – beginners, intermediates and advanced deadlifters.
  • Book provides information to Deadlift with proper form and therefore you will add strength, power and muscle mass without hurting your back.
  • Book also covers emotional and mindset aspects of strength training, not just the physical aspects.

Deadlift Dynamite Review – Cons

  • Although the book provides comprehensive information on strength training with illustrations, but additional videos can make it an even more powerful course.
  • Some of the advanced techniques provided in the book may be require presence of an experienced coach.

Deadlift Dynamite Review – Conclusions

Based on our extensive research and testimonials from several lifters we found that this book is a must read for any strength training enthusiast – from beginner to advanced level. The book provides comprehensive and good quality information on strength training which you may not find anywhere else.