Factors to Be Considered on Deciding About the Chandelier

Factors to Be Considered on Deciding About the Chandelier

We use chandeliers in foyers, kitchen, above the dining table, or anywhere we want, to enhance the aesthetics. Where to install a chandelier will depend on the ceiling height and size of your room. The chandelier you choose should also suit other furnishings and decorations of your room to ensure everything is perfect.

Every staircase needs a lighting. While it can accentuate the interior décor, it will also be useful for you to avoid any slips and fall. Now there are so many varieties of chandeliers available that will be suitable for any type of staircases.

This article will help you in choosing the perfect stairwell chandelier for your staircase, if you are planning to install one. You can filter your search by deciding on these factors in search of a suitable chandelier. By choosing the right one, you can make it the center of attraction and your guests will also be impressed with your staircase lighting.

Purpose of chandelier

Chandelier is used for both decorative and lighting to illuminate the space.  When you decide to buy a chandelier decide for what purpose you need the chandelier for, either for decoration or lighting or both.

Though a chandelier is a decorative fixture, it may also be used for the primary lighting. Different chandeliers provide different kind of lightings. Depending on what kind of focus you want on your stairwell, choose either the one with large bulb or those with soft lighting. Some chandelier comes with dimmable option too.

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You can also choose LED bulbs to conserve energy or you can ask the professional about the energy that particular chandelier will consume.

Design of The Chandelier

Depending on the structure of your stairwell, choose the perfect chandelier that can also blend in very well with other fixtures and decorations. Chandeliers come in various styles like, urban, contemporary, rustic and classical.

Choosing the apt materials and colors may not be an easy task. However, you can work it out this way, by choosing the chandelier’s color or material to match with that of the banister, for example, if you have a wooden banister, you can choose the chandelier to the wood color, to ensure whether they blend in well.

Shape of The Staircase

Stairwells can be straight or curved or some may have corners. When it is having corners, these corners may look very dull, if you have only one chandelier installed to the center part.

You can fix this issue by having one large chandelier in the center and small ones in those gloomy corners. By doing like this, you can also highlight any hangings, or pictures or wall décor on that wall.

Instead of decorating the staircase wall with usual pictures and paintings, nowadays people prefer to use lights on the wall in various shapes and size to make it more impressive.

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You can also choose to light every single step or corner of every step. The combinations are so many and it totally depends upon your taste and the aesthetics of your home environment.

If you are confused with the kind of chandelier you want to choose for your stairwell. There are so many varieties of chandeliers available that will be suitable for any kind of stairs.