Few Questions that You Need to Ask the Restoration Company

Few Questions that You Need to Ask the Restoration Company

If you have faced any disaster either due to flood or fire, it will be necessary for you to take help from certain company who may restore your damaged property.

Generally, it is really tough to find any suitable restoration company under such circumstances, but it is very important to find such company under those situations.

Besides, looking for recommendations from others and reading their reviews from the internet, it is also important to ask few good questions before you consider hiring their services.

Do I need to choose company whatever my insurance company suggests?

It is not necessary that you must choose your company for restoring your property whatever your insurance company recommends. Insurance companies are responsible for paying for repairing and restoration work.

Whether you are licensed and insured company?

Always be sure to select only those companies who are properly registered with your respective state authority to remain protected from various legal issues. Also, ensure that they have proper insurance coverage for their workers.

Whether your technicians are qualified?

Besides checking the license of the company for restoration, you must also ask details about the qualification of their workers who will be involved in restoration work. Make sure that they have necessary certification from a recognized institution.

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Can you always provide your technician?

Any good restoration company will have their manpower ready for any kind of emergency call and they can send their technicians at any time you may give them a call.

Can you offer any guarantee?

Though it is a difficult question to answer, the company should be able to offer some kind of warranty about their material as well as the workmanship done by the technicians.

Can I file any insurance claim?

It is not binding on you to file for insurance claim if the damage is not so considerable and it is always your discretion whether you want to make insurance claim or not.

What are various immediate damages that water can do?

There can be many different damages caused by water and they can damage your property like:

  • Furniture
  • Wallpaper
  • Damage due to mold
  • Rusting of metals
  • Health issues

How much time will be taken by Restoration Company?

This may depend upon number of factors like:

  • Damage due to water or fire?
  • Severity of damage
  • Individual situation

Usually, after thorough inspection of damage and establishing the kind of damage any estimation can be provided about time and money needed for the restoration work.

Can you give any reference?

Any well-known or a reputed restoration company must have worked for many customers and hence they can readily give you list of their references from where you can also obtain necessary feedback.

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During the process of restoration can we go back to our home?

In most of the cases, the answer will be No. It will not be safe to go back to your home when all the technicians are engaged in restoring your damaged property.