A Comparison of Hiring Caregivers Privately and From Home Care Agencies

A Comparison of Hiring Caregivers Privately and From Home Care Agencies

When you are in need of a home care service, either for yourself or for your loved one, there might be confusion as to whether choose a private caregiver or hire through the Home care agency.

You need a better understanding between these two so that you can make the best choice when it comes to choosing the caregiver who will be working in your own home.

Home care business provides peace of mind for the client and their family. If you are starting your home care business, you may need license depending on your state law. For getting your home care license, apply with Home Care License Consultants, who can work for you in getting your license, insurance and other needed licenses in your state.

Here we see the benefits of working with Home care agencies over private caregivers.


The employer is responsible for submitting payroll and income tax when they hire a private caregiver. You need to find the minimum hourly pay and overtime pay.

Whereas when a care giver is employed through the agency, there is no need of taking the multitude of mandatory responsibilities since payroll, taxes and overtime payment will be taken care by the agency itself.

Background Check

The caregivers need to go through an extensive screening process that includes reference check, drug testing and criminal background check, when they are employed by Home care agency thus ensures bringing a trustworthy person in your home.

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Whereas when you appoint a private caregiver you are wholly responsible for checking their backgrounds and you may skip doing some. You have to hire an attorney in case of any false accusations made by the caregiver or theft and damages to find the truth. This could be a really a risk for the senior people.

Quality of Service

The quality of care really matters. If you are not happy with the caregiver you can request for replacement if you are working with a home care agency. Home care agencies also take necessary steps to ensure that their caregivers are providing excellent care.

You can ensure that you get honest services from the professional staffs. You can also check the track record of the caregivers who work with agencies.

On the other hand, if you have a private caregiver, then you have start from the beginning of hiring process leaving yourself or your loved one in lurch.

Backup Services

When the caregiver is sick or on vacation you will be accommodated with another staff immediately by the agency. Some reputable agencies also have nurses to handle complex healthcare needs when their client needs an extra special care.

If you have hired a private caregiver, when they don’t show up for their shift or quits their job without prior notice, you have no choice of replacing the caregiver. This creates unnecessary stress for you.

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Types Of Care

From a home care agency, you can choose caregivers according to your need. Whether you need them little medical assistance, assistance in your daily activities, or advanced medical needs.

Though there are some private caregivers who can provide a range of services, it is difficult to find a trained professional who can provide medical care.

With this knowledge you can make the best decision in choosing your caregiver.