Choosing The Right Switch Plates For a Room

Choosing The Right Switch Plates For a Room

White switch plate covers are the default. They’re simple, and they go well with the interior of any room. They eliminate the need to put any thought into what switch plates look best in a room, leaving time for the more important aspects of a room. But, switch plates have more to offer than just plain white. An interesting switch plate can add a nice extra touch to any room.

Fit In Or Stand Out?

With the variety that’s out there, it can be difficult to choose switch plates for a room. Narrowing down the desired effect of the switch plates is a good first step. The main question to ask is, “Should the switch plates fit in or stand out?”. Once that question has been answered, look at the other design elements of the room to decide which varieties of switch plates will not be a good fit and which ones may be perfect for a room.

Fitting In

To select a type of switch plate that will fit while also being more aesthetically interesting than plain white, find an element that has a large presence in the rest of the room. The walls are often a good place to start. In a room with wood paneling on the walls, a wood switch plate is a perfect addition. With the right shade of wood, it will blend in with the wall almost perfectly. A stone or tile wall is the perfect place for a stone switch plate. Furniture can also be used to help select switch plates. Rooms with a lot of brass scattered throughout are perfect for brass switch plates. A study filled with bookshelves will be complemented well by a wood switch plate.

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Standing Out

For a switch plate that stands out, do the opposite. Find elements that don’t have much of a presence, if they’re present at all. Stone switch plates in a room with no other stone will make the presence of stone a good accent. A room with small black accents is a great place for a black switch plate. That will spread the accent throughout the room and balance it while still maintaining its status as an accent color.

There’s more to switch plates than just plain white. While white is a stellar fit for any room, there are plenty of other varieties that will add a bit of depth to a room’s décor. Expanding on an accent or adding to the prevalence of a major design element can make a great room even better.