Major Reasons Why LED Wall Packs Are Preferable to Use

Major Reasons Why LED Wall Packs Are Preferable to Use

Nowadays, you will find that wall packs LED lights are extensively used in many different applications in order to illuminate the areas for security and safety purposes in the following areas:

  • Parking lot
  • Industrial and commercial complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Factory buildings
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Storage facilities,
  • Loading docks
  • Landscaped areas
  • Building entrances
  • Public park structures

Such LED wall packs lights can provide very high-quality light for boldly illuminating areas and are usually set to get triggered by using a photo switch for automatic turning them on during night and off when daylight hours come.

Following are few reasons such LED wall packs usually are mostly preferred:

1. Better security

By installing LED wall packs, you can lighten all the outer residential and commercial places in brighter way, so that people can easily walk during night. Also, both entry as well as exit of industrial places will remain visible for loading/un-loading of trucks.

2. New illumination standards

LED wall packs will produce very bright light by consuming very little power which is way above all other alternate lightings available in the market. This uses semi-conductor material and takes care of all the drawbacks of earlier lighting systems.

3. Wide beam coverage

You will find such LED wall pack is having wider beam angle which is useful for illuminating the wider as well as larger outdoor places quite effectively.

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Wherever you will install these lights, you can see a great amount of enhancement in the results of overall lighting.

4. Color temperature

Such LED wall pack is offered in many different color temperatures that you can select as per overall lighting ambience.

All these lights can be perfect combination of many different color options that you can select accordingly.

5. Energy efficient

One of the most important reasons why LED wall packs have become so much acceptable nowadays is due to energy savings that they can offer.

With much lower energy, you can get a very high quality of bright light for the premises.

6. Non-flickering

LED lights will never produce any flickering nor it can produce any type of humming noise that you faced with other lightings. You will in fact begin to experience non-heating lighting rays as soon as you will turn on these lights.

7. Longer lifespan

All these lighting systems can be easily installed and after you have installed all these in successful manner, at outdoor places, and then you may expect to use these lights for minimum 50,000 hours, that is much higher as compared to any other lights.

8. Better lumens

Lumen output of all these LED type wall packs will be much higher. They are capable enough to make any place look much brighter and also attractive, along with much higher lumens, and at the same time you can reduce your monthly electricity bills.

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By installing 13w LED pack lights which produce 1700 lumens, these lights may easily be replaced by using traditional lights of 25w.

9. Eco-friendly lights

This LED wall pack can be eco-friendly way to light the outdoor places. Besides, they do not have any harmful chemicals like mercury, halogen or any other inside them which is majorly responsible for environment pollution.